21st Conscious Connection of the IQBC with Tatiana Adams about “Poems”
February 12, 2024

Tatiana Adams uses “she/her/hers” pronouns. She is from New York and 22 years old. Her favorite thing to do is to write poems and read poetry. She likes the symbolism and to reach people with her message. Tatiana writes about her experience with love, grief, and more, and is happy that these experiences are universal and connect us all. And so, the conversation after her poems was vivid and attendees felt connected. And because the attendees happened to be nerds, we can say: “May the Force be with us All!” 🙂

Thanks to Kaushal Ranasinghe, who will be the guest facilitator on the 22nd Conscious Connection of the IQBC with the title “Dance”. He was so kind to offer to edit this video.

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