We are following the path of dana.

As Buddhists we are following the path of dana. Dana is the generosity of giving. This form of giving is one of the “six perfections” or paramitas on the path to Buddhahood.

The giving can be in form of ideas, engagement, the sharing of wisdom, but also a monetary donation.

With those donations, we would cover expenses of the conference such as Zoom licenses. All organizers work on a voluntary basis and will not take any money from these donations. Thus, the remaining amount will be, in turn, donated to projects supporting queer Buddhists.

With this conference, we not only want to practice mindfulness in thought, speech, and action, but also dana.

If you can afford it and are willing to donate, the bank account of the conference is listed below. Feel free to reach out to us via info@iqbc.org if you have any further questions or if you need a receipt such that your donation can be considered in your tax declaration. However, note that IQBC is no registered association and, thus, whether you receive a tax refund depends on the regulations of your country.


Dr. Rotraut Jampa Wurst 
IBAN: DE65 2105 0170 1003 5997 90

Questions? Feel free to send us an email and we will get back to you.

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