Welcome (Excerpt) 

to the 2nd International Queer Buddhist Conference, IQBC on zoom and gather.town taking place from October 22 to 23, 2022.

My name is Dr. Jampa Wurst, they, them pronouns, founder of the IQBCs.

After me and my siblings have made difficult experiences of bullying among families, jobs or different events, I thought it’s time to create a safe space for everyone under the beautiful rainbow, for us 2SLGBTQIA+ people all over the world. But this space is also open for allies, supporting this global family, because support is important.

And no, it’s not the only safe space, but I think that, what begun last year with the 1st IQBC, also on zoom, was a special event, where people felt like a big global queer, and also Buddhist, family. Surely a chosen family, but a beautiful family!

And people asked me on the conference and later, when they wrote their feedback, that they would like to have such a conference best every week!

All right: Every week is not possible at all, because so many things have to be organized, but luckily some people offered their support, willing to help me organizing the 2nd International Queer Buddhist Conference and we became a global team. Thank you to everyone in the organizing committee https://iqbc.org/organizer-2022/. Especially I would like to mention Melanie, who is the webmaster, and who did a gorgeous job: she is an ally and so supports the IQBC. On the other hand I would like to thank Miriam, a long term friend and also an ally, who offered to create the welcome site on Gather.town. Thank you both!

Speaking about zoom and gather.town I would like you to know, that when you registered, you will have got two links, one for zoom, one for gather.town, first short before the IQBC!

When you like to get from the conference on zoom with its talks, workshops, and meditations to gather.town, don´t close your zoom window. BUT: Before using the gather.town link on another window, please, turn off your camera and your microphone. Then go to a new window, insert the gather.town link and click on it. There you are asked to give access to camera and microphone for gather.town. After that you can use the avatar or change it as you like. Then go on the welcome site there and enjoy yourself in this beautiful surrounding. You can have private chats among private rooms, meeting old or new friends or you meditate there in this virtual surrounding or you check out the „Exhibition“ with paintings, sketches, digital arts, films, poems or book.

You also get the helplines on gather.town, which you also find on iqbc.org.

In addition there is also „Performance“, where you can listen or be part of the „open mic“. Don’t be scared! Give it a try 🙂

When you go back to zoom, also don’t close the window, in case you want to come back. Surely, you can use your link again. Turn off camera and microphone first, and when you go on the zoom window, again open camera and microphone.

It seems that Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome have difficulties giving access to the videos on gather.town. So the easiest way is, to download Mozilla Firefox for the conference, in case you don´t use it.

If you are shy to open your camera, you don’t have to. And know, that only the talks will be recorded. Also then you can turn off your camera.

Don’t get desperate about technical issues. That’s life. Be patient and don’t give up. And always be kind and respectful to each other. Thank you!


Feel free to reach out to us via

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