IQBC 2022 Recordings

Opening Ceremony
Speaker: Dr. R. Jampa Wurst, they, them

Visibility Is More than Being Seen: Creating a Dharma Community That Makes Space for Diverse Voices
Keynote by: Pema Düddul (PhD), they, them

Session 1: Queer (Buddhist) Role Models

Tashi Choedup (they, she): Socio-Political Work with the Queer Community in India

Kody Muncaster (PhD Candidate), they, them: Queer Trauma and the Trans-Sattva: Non-Binary Gender Euphoria and the Buddhist Teachings on Non-Duality

Session 2: Trauma/Abuse – Buddhism – Therapy

Kyle Neo, he, him: What’s love got to do with my queerness? 

Ven. Vimala, they, them: Turn trauma into a pathway of spiritual growth! 

Brother Troi Bao Tang, he, him: Healing the Past in the Present (teachings) 

Closing Words
Speaker: Jampa Wurst (PhD), they, them

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