22nd CC of the IQBC with Kaushal Ranasinghe about “Dance”
March 8, 2024

Amazing Dancer, Human Rights and LGBTQ Activist, Monk.
An Awesome Life Journey
22nd Conscious Connection of the IQBC.

Kaushal Ranasinghe has been dancing from being three years old. He is a gay man, an attorney, engaged in Human rights – LGBTQ rights are human rights – and meanwhile he is on the Buddhist path to become a monk. In this session of the 22nd Conscious Connection of the IQBC, he shares his insight and wisdom of his life journey, his rich facets, and his awesome dances telling his political engagement for the LGBTQ community with every movement, mudra and facial expression, which made it necessary to escape from Sri Lanka to Europe to be safe.

Watch the video on YouTube!

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