7th Conscious Connection – August 18, 25 and September 1, 2022 | Topic: The Nine Phases of Qi Cultivation
September 1, 2022

Guest Facilitator: B. Leavitt

B. is a gender fluid bisexual who holds a 200-hour certification from the Institute of Integral Tai Chi and Qigong and has been leading various practice groups for about 10 years. B. is the father of 2, an attorney and, if you’re not looking, he may eat your ice cream.

The practice is called “The Nine Phases of Qi Cultivation” and is based on Roger Jahnke’s book The Healing Promise of Qi. Using 9 movements to gather, refine and transform qi within the body, the practice is a simple but profound engagement with our internal energetic system. The practice is grouped into 3 “sections” — the earth phase, the human phase and the heavenly phase. 3 is an important number in qigong as it reflects one description of the cosmos, placing the human person as the mediating points between the cosmic energies of earth and sky. The traditional Chinese medicine concepts of jing, qi and shen (bodily essence, energy and spirit) also filter into the 3 sections and support additional possibilities for visualization and focus during the practice. Our time together will (all too briefly) address some of these “theories” underpinning the practice and then introduce participants to the 9 movements, giving a solid basis for a continuing practice.

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3

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