Marie Grace Brabandt: Vegan Life – Vegan Recipes
February 13, 2023

Recipe #1: Extra large plant salad 🥗 

Base: spring mix, baby lettuce and super mix micro greens

Top layer: parsley, cucumber, yellow squash, peprocinnis, red pepper, shaved carrots, celery, green onions, dill pickle, Hemp seeds and flax seeds

The Best Black bean burger grilled and chopped up or edamame. 

Dressing: sesame oil, fresh lime juice, salt , pepper and garlic

Recipe #2: Coconut red curry Thai veggies over jasmine rice

1 large skillet dish!

Cubed extra firm tofu browned use a little olive oil

Sliced sweet onion

Red and yellow peppers sliced

Celery moon shaped 

Zucchini cubed

Sugar snap peas


Shitake and portobello mushrooms sliced

Shaved carrots 

Swiss chard or collards chopped

*Add the hardest vegtables first then the ones that cook faster towards the end

Pour your can of coconut milk in the pan

Add the jar of thai paste mix well

*If too thick Add some unsweetened plant milk or if too hot 🔥 

* caution on these, it can and will make it too hot

Yellow curry powder

Ginger powder or fresh grated ginger 

ground Cinnamon tones it down and adds a little sweetness

I do not measure anything,  I go by what I like and the taste. 

Salt and pepper

This is a very large batch of food which I love. It’s even better the next day. You need a big frying pan to hold all this.

All the veggies can be interchangeable depending on your preferences.

Fresh jasmine rice, buckwheat noodles, quinoa what ever you like.

Dessert: The~perfect~chia~bowl 

5 T. of chia seeds

1 C. dairy free milk of choice unsweetened

3 T. of dairy free unsweetened yogurt 

1/2 t. of cinnamon or spice of  choice

Measure chia seeds out in a bowl, pour milk on top

Stir in cinnamon 

Refrigerate 30 minutes

then add yogurt


Pumpkins seeds, grated ginger, flax seeds, Hemp seeds, kiwi, strawberries, mixed berries

*I prefer So delishious coconut milk vanilla unsweetened and Kite Hill yogurt unsweetened



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