February 10, 2023

R. Jampa Wurst is non-binary, raps and has a PhD in philosophy. They have been working with children for more than 20 years both in schools and also also providing individual training through learning coaching and motivational training in school subject problems and in the learning of self-motivation and methodological competence.

Many people think that there are only two genders: woman – man, black and white. But
the world is diverse, different. Both men are different, women are different and sexuality is also different. How a person feels and perceives, gender (social gender) is again, something other than, for example sexuality.
Some want to sort it and say, some are …cis” – ok with their gender some, the others ,trans” – feel in their assigned at birth not at home and maybe are going to have a gender adjusting surgery. 

With this classification, the world is all right”, i.e. the difference between man – woman continues to be the best. But the world is just colorful.
Non-binary means for me that I live in the gender I was assigned by birth, but that I don´t fit in the women´s role (deep voice, short hair, and then I am a rapper, too): A man? The oppinion or comment of the children: If I were a woman inspite of that, then I would be the „coolest woman ever.“ In my point of view the children and teenagers have less difficulties with non-binaries. On social networks, however, I get threatened. The rejection is not new for me, cuz I also didn´t fit, when I as a child. Bike with stabilizers, a cap: I was a „racing driver“.

However, my mother was yelled on by her younger sister, the girl should were long hair, a dress, skirt etc. and shouldn´t be allowed to walk around like a boy. It was never fun. On the funeral of my mother finally I got the message, that they were „not relatives of friends of me and my family“. Family is now global chosen family”, no matter which sexuality, gender, skin color, etc. But this family takes care for me, loves me, and supports me.

It would have been beautiful, if I had experienced this love earlier; also the openness, different role models, the possibility to speak, and all the perspectives, which the „Selfdetermination Law“ will bring in 2023, whether it´s only a name change to set a boundary towards them, who never wanted to have me.

My hope is, that children and teenagers can speak more open about their lives, their wishes, how they define themselves, without the hate and the rejection, which I had to go through, and sometimes still have to.

Jampa Wurst

(translated from „Kinderkram“, Kiel, Febr. 2023, p.16)

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