Creative Minds Connections and Second Chances
March 15, 2023

On February, 25 there was an event of Ceikaiyia Cheeks, one of the volunteers of the organizing team of the 3rd International Queer Buddhist Conference, which will take place also this year on October 27, 28, 29, s.

Ceikaiyia is a 25 years old film director sparkling with thrilling ideas. 

I met her first on a meditation at and asked her, whether we could collaborate. She immeditately agreed. Since then we are collaborating.

So CC also had taken part with one of her films in the 2nd IQBC last year, which also had been virtually. You can have a look on it on

When she asked me, whether I would like to contribute to her event with some of my paintings as a virtual exhibition, I was very happy, s.

She had asked for different artsy expressions, like we do, too, on the IQBC, e.g. film, video, dance, singing, paintings etc. And now I was happy to be one of the contributors in her event. 

It was awesome: CC shared a teaser of her new film, and it makes you so curious to finally watch the whole film, because it´s fascinating and irritating in a way. What will happen? Hope, it´s coming soon!

Mary Grace Brabandt began the event with one of her inclusive meditations, like storytelling, calming, exciting, so that you could see another film with your inner eye. By the way, Mary Grace will offer a workshop on the 3rd IQBC about „Mindful Cooking, Mindful Eating, and Recipies“. And I know, it will be interesting, and yummy.

Iden.t.t. shared their new song „Out on the Floor“, which you also can find on, instagram and more. Last year on the 2nd IQBC they had sung their song „Sick to work“, which is so funny. One has to listen to them, and I hope, they will perform again on the 3rd IQBC at on the open mic.

Kelly Gallagher shared one of her animated films with spoken quotes of people of different age, she had interviewed, telling her about how the future will be. Awesome! Have a look on her website

Kelly agreed to consider to be part of the conference this year with a film. Stay updated!

For me it was very special to work with Ceikaiyia, because she created music for my paintings, which she showed like a film. Amazing idea. So I was encouraged to tell more about my work as an artist, my virtual atelier,, and other things, I am engaged with, like

On April 1 this year there will be a second cultural event on zoom, she currently creates, and in September there will be an „in person“event.

And as I mentioned before, on October 27, 28, 29, 2023 there will be the 3rd International Queer Buddhist Conference on zoom and, where you can watch more artsy expressions, chat with the artists, listen to talks, be part of workshops or meditations, open mic, and more.

For more info about her cultural events write to Ceikaiyia Cheeks

For sending contributions to the 3rd IQBC find more details on, and then write to Looking forward to reading from you!

Questions? Feel free to send us an email and we will get back to you.

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