18th Conscious Connection | Juliane Leonie Amberger: Art & Music
October 13, 2023

18th Conscious Connection – September 27, 2023

Topic: Art & Music

Guest facilitator: Juliane Leonie Amberger

The 18th Conscious Connection of the IQBC deals with the topic of art and music against the background of how we can mindfully connect our feelings with art or music. Participants are welcome to play an instrument in front of the camera or to bring a paper and pens. There will also be an opportunity for mindful sharing of thoughts, feelings and impressions that arise during the open conversation.

Juliane Leonie Amberger is originally from Bavaria, where they went to school and studied. Juliane studied Scandinavian, German, Literature and Religious Studies and is currently pursuing a PhD in Religious Studies. Their passion for teaching people has led Juliane to various institutions, including the Technical University in Nuremberg and the University of Ostrava, where Juliane worked as a lecturer in the Department of German and Cultural Studies, supported by a scholarship. The current Russian war of aggression has not left Juliane unscathed, as she has both Russian and Ukrainian friends. Since activism and “right action” is also an important topic for Juliane, they joined a human rights organization after their year in the Czech Republic, where they works with refugees from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia and helps them to build a base in Germany in the frame of German and integration courses. Thus, Juliane currently lives in Berlin. Since Juliane has been in Plum Village for a longer time and has also practiced there in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, Juliane continues the practice in Berlin and currently meets a Sangha there.

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